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Chenoweth Creek flows across Chenoweth Flat to join the Columbia River near Crates Point. The area formerly known as Chenoweth Flat is now called Chenowith. All were named for Justin Chenoweth who arrived at The Dalles as a civilian with the First U.S. Mounted Rifles in 1849. After spending time around the state, he married Mary H. Vickers and homesteaded west of The Dalles in 1852. He carried the mail between The Dalles and Cascades by boat. He also surveyed in the area.He left The Dalles in 1866 and died in Portland March 16,1898. The creek was previously called Olney Creek for a local shopkeeper and Thlemit by the Wasco Indians.

According to Oregon Geographic Names, 6th Edition, by Lewis L. McArthur, p. 171:


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