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The Imperial ranch was founded by R.R. Hinton. It has also been called the Hinton Ranch, Hinton-Ward Ranch, Ward Ranch, and currently is the Carver Ranch. See the Ranch History page for more information.

Imperial Stock Ranch Photos

The Hinton House
Hinton Automobile c.1915
Columbia Lambs
Shearing and sweat sheds
Hinton home, c.1908
Hinton Automobile
Hinton Garage
Shearing sheep, 1993
Hinton with Ewes, c.1895
Haying with wagon, 1917
Hay Wagon c.1915
George Ward shows wool to buyers at Shaniko.
R.R. Hinton Family, 1895
R.R. Hinton Family, 1900
James E. Hinton
Loading Sheep at South Junction
Grain Elevator
Shearing Sheep, c. 1918
Joe Morelli and herders with lambs
Bobby Hinton at Lang Homestead, c.1922


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