Sound Effects

Sound Effects can make a movie. (They can also be sparingly used in a PowerPoint slide show) These files are all in "aiff" format. "mp3" and "mov" files will also work.

To use these sound effects in iMovie:

  • Save them to your folder or the Documents folder on the computer you are using.
  • If you will want them for several uses, drag the sound effect file into the iTunes Library. It will be available to iMovie via the Audio shelf.
  • If this is a one-time use, move the playhead to the location where you want the sound effect to begin.
  • From iMovie go to the File menu and select Import.
  • Select the sound effect file and click Open.
  • The sound effect will appear on one of the audio tracks, usually the lower one.
    • Some sound effects are very short. You may need to magnify the clip in order to move it exactly where you want it.
    • If the sound effect is not loud enough, you may need to double it or use Sound Studio to manipulate it.

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