Casting Considerations

Casting a film is the act of choosing who will appear in it. If you are filming a live event, of course, you may have absolutely no choice in the matter. If you must cast the film based on the students available in your class, there are still decisions to make.

  • Think of the characters in your film. Are there certain characteristics (height, weight, gender, age, etc.) that will make them more believable? Don't cast the smallest girl in the class as the mom to the others. Try to select someone that can look frightening if you need a villian.


  • Consider not only the look of the character but the voice tone and quality. Some voices will fit certain character types better than others.

    Availablity and attendance habits

  • If your main actors or actresses are only available one day a week or have spotty attendance habits, they will cause delays in your filming schedule that may not be acceptable.

    Ability & Attitude

  • Do the people have the ability to carry off the roles?
  • Will their attitudes and personalities allow them to take direction, criticism, and advice?
  • Will the cast be able to work well together?

If it is a large production and there are many people available, you may actually want to have tryouts. Select a couple of key scenes and film each person as they try out for the part(s). Note how they fit together and how well they take direction as well as individual abilities.


Lynn Ewing