Storyboard Practice

If you have never created a storyboard before, you may want to do a practice exercise.

Using a comic strip from your Sunday newspaper, treat each pane of the comic as a shot in your film. Draw the shot. Write the description in the space provided. Write any dialogue in the space as well. See the example below.

  • Storyboard Form - Use this to create your storyboard. (Need Excel to open.)

Most of the comics have an "Archive" section with a calendar. Click on a Sunday comic for longer story lines.

Some comics also have "serial" stories that continue over several days. Try going from Monday through Saturday in any week and see if they are all related.

You can also get the print versions from your own newspaper.


Used with permission, United Media and Brian Crane

Storyboard recreation by Kevin, Andrew, and Danyell from The Dalles Wahtonka Union High School Video Production Class


Lynn Ewing