Video Production Overview

The links below go through the process of creating a video from the pre-production phase where the planning is done to the actual filming in the production phase and then to the post-production/editing phase. Finally there are some tips for exporting the video onto DVD, videotape, or as a QuickTime movie.

Pre-production is the phase before you ever touch a camera. This involves coming up with an idea and putting it into words. In this story development portion, the students must consider all aspects of the film and why it should be made. Once an idea has been decided upon, a script and a storyboard need to be created These will guide you through the filming process.

Also in pre-production, you will scout locations making note of possible camera angles and distances, light sources, lighting or shadow problems, background scenery and much more.

Finally you will cast your film with talent that can carry out each role you have created.

Production is the actual filming phase of a video project. In this phase, talent will carry out the roles you created to act out your script. Using lighting and sound techniques, as well as filming, you will capture the action for later editing into a finished product/

Post-production is where the video is edited into a finished product. We do this using a computer and software, primarily iMovie. Once the editing is complete, the film can then be exported to QuickTime for display on a web page, to video for copying onto VHS tape, or to DVD.


Lynn Ewing