Script Writing

Writing a script is a lot like writing a play, which is why it is called a screenplay. You describe the setting for each scene. Then you describe the actions and dialogues of the characters. Any props involved, specific clothing and attitudes of the characters should also be noted. In a screenplay, you should also include descriptions of the title and credits sequences. Camera angles and distances should be included.

There is no set form for creating a script, though if you were submitting it to a Hollywood studio there is a specific format. It is best to look atr some others and use them as examples. After viewing the examples, you will want to write your own based on the Concept Development Plan you have already created.

Many students also find it useful to use Inspiration to outline the plot before they begin the actual writing process. This allows you to get an idea of how the story will progress before writing all of the dialogue and filming descriptions.

There are also a couple of terrific sites with advice on writing Screenplays

  • Screenwriting With Style This is a very thorough in-depth site with advice for anyone wishing to create a Hollywood screenplay. Although we won't create films of "Feature Length" there are somne great tips for creating a screenplay that work for any length of film. Included is an extensive Glossary
  • How to Write a Screenplay has many links to sites that deal with all or part of the screenplay creation process.

The examples below are actual scripts from real movies. Choose one you have seen and read through it to see how the script fits with the final film you have seen. Use the links at right to look for a specific screenplay

Specific Screenplays
Screenplay Websites


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